Jasper StadhoudersJasper Stadhouders (Tilburg, the Netherlands, 1989) is a guitarist and bassist based in Amsterdam.  He’s performed music on stage since the age of 8.  He is an active member of the international improvised music circuit.  He is a co-founder of the bands Cactus Truck (with John Dikeman and Onno Govaert), Stadhouders/Govaert/De Joode Trio and two duos with percussionists Dag Erik Knedal Andersen and Nicolas Field.  He is also part of such diverse bands as Spinifex and Lily’s Déjà Vu, next to playing countless of ad hoc improv shows.  Jasper also occasionally works in the fields of dance, theatre and contemporary composed music. He has played with Han Bennink, Ab Baars, Paal Nilssen-Love, Marshall Allen, Wolter Wierbos, Noel Redding, Ken Vandermark, Jim Black, Andrew D’Angelo, Terrie Ex, Andy Moor, Peter Evans, Frank Rosaly, Dave Rempis, Roy Campbell, Michael Moore, Jeb Bishop, Peter Jacquemyn, Wally Shoup, Ingrid Laubrock, Mars Williams, Michael Vatcher, Alan Wilkinson and many more.  Jasper has performed extensively in Europe and the USA, as well as in India.

Press quotes:

“Both on guitar and on bass , Jasper Stadhouders … rampages with a lust for the ear-splitting volatility of Sharrock as well as Terrie Ex and Thurston Moore, with dissonant howling, whirling in distortion, thrashing and bending the strings until breaking point.”
“Jasper Stadhouders played with his well-known enthusiasm and frequently with an energy that seemingly came straight from the unruly punk aesthetic. … Good for a game of rutting power grooves and now even more so with an intensely manically ramming Stadhouders.”
“Pure adrenaline, especially when Stadhouders switches from bass to guitar and builds a second wall of sound which can compete with the most violent of the European power tradition.”
Guy Peters, Enola

“Stadhouders makes exciting sound explorations. … The intelligence provides enough variety, like when the wonderfully rattling guitar of Stadhouders  evokes accociations of the Experience, but then without Jimi Hendrix: thrilling and inevitable.”
Herman te Loo, Jazzflits

“The Trio Paul van Kemenade/Han Bennink/Jasper Stadhouders was one big surprise. By his courage, the youthful guitarist is an enrichment for the other two. But also a reassessment: Jasper Stadhouders’s input forces Bennink and Van Kemenade to another musical attitude. … From the very first notes he goes for it all the way. … The slide of Stadhouders is downright exciting in this trio and also barely able to be controlled. … One could almost say that the firmament was being detached because of it.”
Rinus van der Heijden, Jazzenzo

“They possess enough mastery of extended technique — as when Stadhouders switches to what sounds like mutant slide guitar — to create a sonic variety show.”
Dave Lynch, Allmusic.com

“Stadhouders and Govaert have already proven to create unforseen nuances in even the most extreme noise.”
“More color has been added to the big fat group sound and the ever-stirring playing of drummer Onno Govaert and guitarist Jasper Stadhouders seems even more diverse in expression.”
Ken Vos, Jazzism

“One thing stands out in the pieces by old heroes such as Misha Mengelberg, Theo Loevendie and Sean Bergin, and also by youngsters John Dikeman and Jasper Stadhouders: genuine authenticity.”
Tim Sprangers, Volkskrant

“There’s a lingering aftertaste of vintage free jazz in … Stadhouders’s wild, wiry guitar.”
Dan Warburton, The Wire

“Guitarist Jasper Stadhouders increases the sound level with crackling jabs. … He pumps up these cries of fear by nervously whining on his guitar, radiating a delicious turmoil.”
Tim Sprangers, De Volkskrant

“An enervating set of improvised guitar violence. It’s beautiful to see how the youthful Jasper Stadhouders stoically remains himself among the violence of the twice-as-old veteran Andy Moor. With his eyes closed, he does his own thing and his guitar must suffer for it continuously. … An intriguing spectacle full of heavy guitar sounds.”
Oscar Smit, Gonzo (Circus)

“Caused by the angry stirring oar (guitar neck) of Stadhouders, who is emotionally distraught over the death of whoever’s grave.”
Scott McNiece, Chicago Music

“Stadhouders pulls up an impenetrable curtain of sound.”
Philip Coombs, Free Jazz

“Guitarist Jasper Stadhouders played a guitar solo set which fully proved that the new generation is not only self confident, but, thank god, is plenty loud as well. After this act he was justly rewarded with a friendly, teasing pat on the shoulder by Terrie Ex, who played an equally scorching solo set the next day.”
Sybren Renema, Draaiomjeoren

“The back cover shows him playing an electric instrument, but his sound here resonates with the deep taut steel-on-wood thrum of an artfully pummelled contrabass.”
Tim Owen, Dalston Sound

“He’s developing into a very versatile musician. With catchy and chaotic tones he grabbed my complete attention. … Searching, developing and full of potential.”
Tim Sprangers, Jazzenzo

“Bassist Stadhouders has a unique approach to his electric bass, bending and twisting his notes like tortured shrapnel about to erupt, keeping things off-balance at times.”
Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery

“A vital, jerky affair of contrasts, dynamics and rough articulation, filled with a scream of rage from Jasper Stadhouders’s electric guitar, swift as an arrow.”
Henning Bolte, Written in Music

“Terrie Ex fatherly embraces his comrade Stadhouders, sharing with him euphoric feeling that the battle was an unheard success.”

Hessel Veldman, Gonzo (Circus)